Write a Letter to your Elected Officials

Writing a personal letter tells elected officials how their constituents feel and puts real people and stories in place of faceless policies. Take a moment to fill out the form below to prepare a letter to your local elected official.

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To My Elected Official,

My name is [Your full name] and I’m the proud parent of a student at [Your child’s school]. Right now my child is not being given access to the public space they are entitled to because they attends a public charter school. I’m writing to ask you to make this right.

My family was thrilled when we found out my child got a spot at this school, because we know that getting a great education will provide opportunities throughout their life. I think all families deserve to send their child to school every morning knowing that they were able to make the choice that is best for their family.

Despite the fact that [Your child’s school] is performing so well and creating opportunities for my

family, they do not have the space they need to serve their students. This is a direct result of the city’s unwillingness to address requests for space from public charter schools.

Around the city there are over 100 school buildings with enough empty space for a new school, but City Hall is still denying charter school students access.

My child is not worth less than any other student in their district. All public school students deserve access to public space, including public charter school students.

I’m writing to ask you to support my child’s right to access public space.

Thank you,

[Your full name]
[Your child’s school]