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Teach for America’s One Day publication commends Achievement First for their new and unique program to improve student performance

In 2013, the Achievement First team in New Haven, Connecticut set out to rebuild their school structure and culture in order to drastically raise student achievement and meet the nationwide bar for excellent education. The result is the Greenfield program that started this past school year at the AF Elm City College Prep Elementary School in New Haven. This fall two new Greenfield schools will open — one in New York City and the other in Providence, Rhode Island.

Greenfield is a showcase for many of the big ideas converging in a rolling reinvention of school: the idea that more kids will accomplish remarkable things if we treat them as unique learners—something technology now can assist; that non-academic skills can’t be limited to buzzy ideas like building resilience, but must nurture students as confident, powerful individuals; that enrichments are not extras or rewards but fundamental to building a discovery mindset; that schools will not succeed unless families and communities shape them and drive their objectives.

Read all about this innovative program and the changes Achievement First is making in TFA’s  One Day magazine.