Learn About Public Charter Schools

The facts, history, proven success, and the journey ahead

Bronx Parent, Patricia Huertas, shares her frustration on the preferential treatment the Deputy Mayor received while choosing a school for his child.

Patricia Huertas is a parent of three, and like many others, strives to give her children all that they deserve — including quality public education. For years, her eldest son, William, was on a waitlist for a high-performing charter school and ultimately, without another choice, he was forced to attend his assigned district school. Patricia’s daughter was more fortunate and currently attends an Icahn Charter School in the Bronx. The difference between the two schools is stark and Patricia only wishes her son could have benefitted from the same opportunities.

So, when the news broke that Deputy Mayor Buery received special access and treatment in selecting a public school for his son (despite not even being a resident of the city), Patricia was outraged. “Thousands of city parents have had the worrying experience of not knowing where our children would attend school while we remained on a waiting list, but because we’re not part of Mayor de Blasio’s inner circle nothing was done to ease our minds.”

In her Op-ed piece for the Bronx Chronicle this week, she demands that the de Blasio administration treat all public schools equally so that all families have a choice of quality education for their children.

“Instead of hand picking which kids get the best possible public education, the de Blasio administration should pursue policies that give every student this opportunity. That means making sure parents can choose the option that works for their children, no matter what they do for a living and no matter what kind of public school they prefer. And it means giving public charter schools the resources they need to welcome more kids.”

Read her full piece on the Bronx Chronicle here.