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A finalized NYS Budget does not eliminate the funding gap between public charters and district schools.

By Ian Rowe

On April 8th and 9th, the NY state legislature passed a final budget for the coming year – ending a lengthy budget negotiating process. In the final budget, public charter schools will see their per-pupil funding increase by about $345 for the coming year with future increases tied to changes in district spending.  Alongside this funding increase, charter schools in private space, including schools that I run, like Boys Prep, will see their facilities reimbursement increase from 20% to 30%.

While these budget provisions will be helpful to our schools next year, they do not eliminate the funding gap that our children face.  Failure to unfreeze the funding formula for our schools is a major step back; this will underfund our schools by nearly 1.7 billion dollars by 2025.  In light of this, the fight to ensure that public charter schools and their families are treated fairly continues.


 Ian Rowe is the CEO of the Public Prep Network.  To read more about him or his publications click here.

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