Learn About Public Charter Schools

The facts, history, proven success, and the journey ahead

School leader, Jacob Mnookin, sheds light on the funding and facilities struggles public charter schools face in New York City.

Coney Island Prep’s Founder and Executive Director Jacob Mnookin wrote an eye-opening piece for Kings County Politics on the obstacles his schools face while providing a high quality program for hundred of public school kids.

“The teachers and staff at Coney Island Prep, and our community of dedicated parents, have worked hard to make sure that the children we educated have a bright future ahead of them. But until our students are treated equally and given the same opportunities as their district school peers, we won’t be able to maximize our potential as a school community. That’s why the coming weeks are such a critical time for the Coney Island Prep community, and the more than 100,000 students across New York City who attend a public charter school. It’s time for legislators to come together, remember that our scholars are public school students too, and ensure that public charter school students receive the fair funding they deserve.”

Read the full op-ed here.

In a similar vein, charter school founder Lester Long demands that the Mayor treat public charter schools equally in this The Bronx Chronicle opinion piece.