Learn About Public Charter Schools

The facts, history, proven success, and the journey ahead

Read about the fight for fair facilities New York public charter schools face in this telling White Paper Report.

“Three years after New York State passed a law assuring public charter schools fair access to public facilities, it is clear that space discrimination is alive and well — it’s just occurring in a more subtle form.

Since the law passed, the de Blasio administration has pursued an unwritten policy of impeding charters’ access to public space at all costs. The administration has delayed the process wherever possible, rejected applications in districts with ample public space, and forced educators to identify, secure, and pay for private space they often can’t afford.”

This report includes a comprehensive analysis of more than 100 space requests made by public charter schools over the past three years, and a series of in-depth stories of charter school leaders who have endured overwhelming challenges to obtain space for their students.

Parents, families, and charter school operators stood together on Thurs. Mar 2nd outside City Hall to voice the immense impact denial of space has had on their schools .

Read about the full report here.