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Achievement First Summit Principal Ben Cruse writes a moving Op-Ed on charter school funding for CT Viewpoints

As a student, father, dean, and principal of the Hartford, Connecticut public education system, Ben Cruse knows and believes in the potential of Hartford kids. In a riveting op-ed piece for the CT Viewpoints online periodical, Mr. Cruse shares his frustration and hope towards the state funding system for public schools.

“The same student at one type of public school in Hartford – AF Summit – “deserves” $7,600 less than a student in a different type of public school, based on the way Connecticut schools are funded. That means worries over per-pupil funding. It means public charter school parents don’t often know whether there will be funding for their students as they grow from grade to grade. That flies in the face of everything we say about equity. And it simply doesn’t make sense.”

Read the full op-ed piece here.