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Connecticut’s Proposed Budget Offers Public Charter Schools a $500 Increase, but Does Not Include them in the New Funding Formula.

Connecticut is facing a once-in-a-generation opportunity to fix the state’s broken school funding formula. Currently, Governor Malloy has proposed a $500 per student increase for charter schools but the proposal does not include public charter schools in the broader funding fix. The potential change to the education funding formula can be the beginning of an important discussion about the necessity for fairness for charter school funding.

Every year, families in public charters face the uncertainty of whether or not their schools will be funded for the following year. That’s why it’s crucial that all public school students be included in the new funding formula – including the more than 50,000 children attending one of Connecticut’s nearly 120 magnet and charter public schools. These kids deserve to be funded like any other public school student.

A new education funding formula is ultimately the long-term fix needed to ensure equity and fairness. Charter school advocates and families are taking this moment to engage legislative leaders on the importance of ensuring that all charter seats are included in the final budget and in any revised funding formula. Unfortunately, with a state deficit of approximately $1.5 billion and the current political landscape, charter schools have a tough, but no less critical, fight ahead.

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