Learn About Public Charter Schools

The facts, history, proven success, and the journey ahead

Connecticut parents are staying vigilant in pressing elected officials to support equal funding for public charter schools’ in the state budget.

Public charter schools supporters have been busy this February advocating  to elected officials for fair funding for their schools. They gained the support and built relationships with numerous elected leaders to protect their children.

In a meeting at the Legislative Office Building on Feb. 7th, six parents met with Republican Minority Leader Themis Klarides. Rep. Klarides has committed to supporting the inclusion of public charter schools in a new funding formula. She was very aware of the challenges that funding inequity creates for public charter schools. Ultimately, she agreed to meet with families and public charter school supporters throughout the legislative session to help them reach out to and gain the support of other Republican House Members.

On Feb. 8th, in an impromptu meeting at the state capitol building, families met with Representative Tami Zawistowski, a Republican legislator who sits on the Appropriation Subcommittee on Education. During the meeting, parents shared their stories and the impact their charter school has had on their children.

Two Bridgeport parents met with Speaker of the House Joe Aresimowicz on Feb. 15th. They articulated the challenges that they face as parents trying to find quality educational options for their kids and why fair funding for all kids is so important. They were also able to debunk some public charter school myths about student selection process.

Twenty-five parent supporters attended the  Connecticut State Appropriations Hearing on Feb 21st, to advocate for fair funding for public charter schools. The hearing gave parents the opportunity to stand up and speak out for their schools and children.

At another lobby visit at the Legislative Office Building on Feb 22nd, three parent leaders got a chance to have lunch with Senator Art Linares. The Senator asked to stay informed on any bills that impact charter schools so that he can support or oppose them in his caucus and in the Education Committee. He also committed to supporting the inclusion of public charters in any education funding legislation.

On Fri. Feb 24th, two parent leaders and a current student met with Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman for a chance to share their experiences with the public charter school system. The Lt. Gov. said that she believed there would be an opportunity for increased charter funding in the “near future”.



Clockwise from the bottom left:
parents and students attend the Appropriations Hearing,
parents on charter school waitlists have lunch with Sen. Linares,
two parents and a scholar meet Lt. Gov. Wyman.