Learn About Public Charter Schools

The facts, history, proven success, and the journey ahead

Parent advocate Rosemary Valdez tells fellow parents what it means to fight for NYC’s kids.

“I just want to say to all the parents out there – when I first joined the KIPP community 11 years ago, I had never spoken to an elected official before. I’m not very outspoken and I didn’t think anyone like that would listen to me. But over time, my school called on me to share my family’s story with legislators. Even though I was very nervous, I knew it was important that I use my voice to stand up for my kids – and all NYC kids.

We’re really lucky to have a lot of champions in Albany, however we need to let them know how to support us, and how they can help our children get what they need. They need to know that we’ve been forced to fight for classroom space and fair funding for our kids.

This is very important for our future. At KIPP we talk a lot about character education – we want to see our kids excelling in academics and we want to see them grow into future leaders. Our kids are the ones who will grow up to represent our communities and make important decisions – they could BE the elected officials we put in office one day. We need our current legislators to set a positive example – to be role models – so that our kids can grow into the strong leaders we need. “

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