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An overwhelming crowd turns out in support of the renewal of Connecticut’s Achievement First charter contracts.

     Two public hearings were held on January 19th and 26th by the State Board of Education to discuss the renewal of Achievement First’s Bridgeport and New Haven schools’ charter contracts. Overall, the hearings were attended by over 300 families and supporters of charter schools. More than 40 supporters at the Achievement First Bridgeport renewal hearing and almost 60 supporters at the Achievement First New Haven hearing shared their testimonies.

     Families, educators, students, and community members spoke out about the positive impact AF has had in their lives and neighborhoods. They talked about the work ethic, love of learning, and drive that Achievement First has instilled in their students. Many parents shared their own education backgrounds and struggles in order to demonstrate the importance of having options for high-quality public schools. A number of students vocalized their transformational journeys through a varied range of public education.

“They set a goal for your child. And you see your child embrace this as their own goal. That changes everything.” — parent leader, Garrett Monroe

     The enormous demonstration of support for the three schools in question was nothing short of affirming and inspiring. Achievement First was truly able to prove their impact on the New Haven and Bridgeport communities. At the closing of the first hearing, the panel acknowledged the overwhelming support in the room and applauded the guests for their incredible showing. The event was so heavily attended, in fact, that the venue ran out of chairs and parking spaces in all adjacent lots! The second hearing in New Haven was no less impressive. The renewal panel had to cut the list of registered speakers short by almost 20 in order to stay within the time limit of the hearing!

Listen to some of their empowering testimonies at #FightforFairnessCT.

The Renewal Committee will vote on Achievement First’s charter contracts on March 1st, when they will decide if the schools can be renewed for 1, 3, or 5 years.


Parent advocates address the Renewal Committee. Read the full tweet here.