Learn About Public Charter Schools

The facts, history, proven success, and the journey ahead

Alumnus Marcel Delvalle blogs about the impact Achievement First schools have had on his life.

Marcel Delvalle started at Achievement First Bridgeport in middle school, but before that he was meet-the-bare-minimum student at his local district school where teachers and students were equally indifferent. Recently, Marcel wrote about his transition to charter school and how much it altered his life’s trajectory. He writes, “Looking back on how far I have come, it is safe to say that Achievement First was a major reason for my success in, and eventually beyond, high school.” Marcel is now a thriving sophomore at Bates College in Maine.

“I believe that charter schools like Achievement First are important for students in lower income communities. I notice that many students in my community suffer from the same lack of motivation that I once had. No one is telling them that they can go to college or succeed. Students should not go to school with the thought of just getting their work done. While that is important, teachers should also foster determination in their students and help them realize their potential to go to a college or do whatever they dream. My high school does just that. Achievement First does not only prepare students to do well on exams; Achievement First prepares students for success in college and beyond.”

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