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Families for Excellent Schools Release “Schools are for Kids” White Paper in Connecticut

The landmark CCJEF ruling early September has redefined the conversation on Connecticut schooling, and created an important new dialogue on school funding. We know well that education funding is not equal in Connecticut.

Public charter schools, despite consistently delivering excellent results for high-need families, are not given fair funding by the government. This fall we are calling on legislators to embrace both the language and the spirit of the CCJEF decision. We believe that any state or legislative response to the CCJEF ruling that must include fair funding for public charter schools.

As part of the big push to hold state legislators accountable, FES’ Research and Policy Team created a detailed report to provide data that backs up our funding ask. It demonstrates the need for a fair funding formula for public schools.

Read the full report here: http://www.fightforfairnessct.org/paper