Learn About Public Charter Schools

The facts, history, proven success, and the journey ahead

“Charter Schools are the Path to Possible”, one parent writes in an Op-Ed to The Bronx Chronicle.

Sadatu Mamah-Trawill is a parent from Bronx, NY. Her son Muhammed Awal is in the 2nd grade at a district school in the Bronx. His school has repeatedly failed to support him and his learning disability in the way that he deserves. In her testimonial, Sadatu references the Path to Possible report that details the success rates and potential for change that publics charter schools have had.

“So why is my son on a waitlist? What is stopping charter schools from using these empty classrooms? What is keeping Muhammed Awal in a district school that doesn’t provide the excellent education that public charter schools do? One word: politics.”

Read her full piece here.