Learn About Public Charter Schools

The facts, history, proven success, and the journey ahead

3,000 gather in Foley Square to celebrate NYC charter schools and their teachers — demanding expansion of charter schools.

On Wednesday Oct. 19th, Foley Square in downtown Manhattan was packed with thousands of educators and school community members, all gathered to celebrate charter schools in New York City. Teachers from all five boroughs came together to rally for the expansion of charter schools to serve twice as many students in the city. Chanting with their slogan, #PathtoPossible, they cheered for 200,000 students in charter schools by 2020.

The event included a panel of educators discussing Mayor Bill de Blasio’s resistance towards charters and the obstacles they face because of it. During the event, over 1,000 emails were sent by attendees directly to Mayor de Blasio, urging him to support charter schools.

In late September, 25,000 families marched together at Prospect Park, Brooklyn, for the same cause.

Check out all the activity on Twitter: #PathtoPossible or Join the movement